Why VetStrategy

About VetStrategy

VetStrategy is the largest Canadian owned and operated group of veterinary clinics in Canada, with over 65 locations from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island.

Founded in 2005 by Orin Litman and Jon Shell, VetStrategy has developed a management style that allows veterinarians to practise responsible medicine without interference, while providing administrative and operational support to the entire team.

The result is a blend of unique hospitals, strongly influenced by the passions and interests of the hospital teams, that offer a diverse range of service and care options.


Our Workplace

We spend much of our lives in our workplace, so having a safe, supportive and respectful environment is a must. At VetStrategy, we want our workplace to be a place that we enjoy, where teams work together and feel comfortable. We are committed to providing an inclusive, accessible environment that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live and to creating a workplace where every employee has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Guiding Principles

Patient Care First

This is our guiding principle. We do what’s right by our patients.

Responsible Medicine

We believe our veterinarians should have the freedom to do what they think is right for their patients.

Consistent Communication

We believe that we should be consistent in our communication with our clients, from our veterinarians to our receptionists. This requires great communication between our veterinarians. Our clients should never feel confused or receive conflicting information from our staff.

Be Empathetic

We believe in working with our clients through the difficult issues they sometimes face. This requires us to be good listeners and to be empathetic to their situation. We need to do what is right for both our patients and our clients.

Team Development

Everyone who works at one of our clinics should have the opportunity to develop their skills and grow in their job. We should be constantly connected to our people to know how they want to grow.

Act with Integrity

We believe in charging for your great efforts, which means billing correctly, honestly and completely for the things that we do for our patients.